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In business since 1994, at Castle, we understand that there some common misconceptions when it comes to the vehicle repair industry. From who is permitted to repair your car following a road accident to what constitutes a quality safe repair, there are certainly some grey areas and gaps in general knowledge. For this reason, we have compiled the following myth-busting FAQs:

I have been told by my insurer that I have to use the repairer that is approved by them, is this correct?

Not at all. It is your legal choice who repairs your vehicle, not your insurer’s. Insurance companies may try to lead you to a repairer they work with in a bid to cut down their costs, and potentially compromising on the quality of repairs you receive. They might take your car to a body shop that uses second hand or non-original parts affecting the standard of the repair and could even affect your warranty.

Why should I use a manufacturer-approved body shop?

Regularly audited and closely monitored by the same company who made your vehicle, this approval ensures that Castle restore your car to its original industry standard. This includes guaranteeing that only Genuine Parts are used, there is adherence to specialist paint matching and structural guidelines, and ensuring that any unseen damage is also corrected, safeguarding your warranty.

I was involved in an accident that was not my fault. Do I have to claim this on my own policy?

If you were not at fault, you do not have to claim the cost of repairing the damage on your own policy. Castle can repair your vehicle directly through the other party’s insurance. You will not have to pay any excess and will be reimbursed for any costs that you may have paid out on account of the accident.

What happens if I have to pay an excess?

If you have to pay a compulsory or voluntary excess in your policy, you will be required to pay this directly to us as your chosen repairer. The amount of excess you pay may differ if another driver other than the policyholder was driving the vehicle at the time of the incident.

Is it possible to carry out any other repairs/ damage to my vehicle at the same time?

Of course. It may even be more cost-effective for us to carry out the extra work at the same time as your other repairs. If you would like us to carry out any additional work, please speak to one of our dedicated advisors who can generate a separate estimate.

I have come to the end of my lease period; the car is slightly scratched, so can I repair it before I hand it back?

Yes. Whether it is a minor scratch on the bodywork, a scuffed alloy wheel, a chip on the edge of the car door or a graze on the bumper, it is always advisable to repair any damage at an approved and quality repairer before you hand back the keys. Returning a damaged vehicle at the end of your lease period could end up costing you more as the lease company will take it to a body shop of their choice, with costs outside of your control; you will also likely incur their administration charges for the privilege of this as well. At Castle not only will we ensure your vehicle will be accepted within the general wear and tear range, but we also guarantee our workmanship for life*. We will be happy to support any potential issues that arise.

Will this cause me problems with my insurance company?

No. All insurers are obliged to ‘treat customers fairly’.
The right to choose your own repairer is covered under the consumer rights directive 1993, The Association of British Insurer’s (A.B.I.) and governed by the FSA.

What is considered a “safe repair”?

At Castle we have a motto: “We do not just repair cars. We ensure that safety levels from original manufacture are maintained”. Working from the premise that even a small bump can affect the performance of your vehicle such as the wheel alignment or the internal electronics and safety mechanisms such as airbags, to keep you safe in the event of a future incident it is vital for your safety that your car is restored to the condition its manufacturer first intended.

My insurance company has said I am not entitled to a courtesy vehicle if I do not go through them. Is this right?

This is not the case. Castle Coachworks will always help to keep you mobile and may be able to arrange for a like for like loan vehicle for the duration of your repairs*

Will all the damage I have highlighted on my vehicle be repaired?

When dealing with a claim, we are only able to repair the damage that has been approved by the insurance company that is paying for your vehicle’s repairs. It is therefore important to contact your insurance company immediately if you are unhappy with the decisions made by their engineers.

My insurance company has asked me for a collection note?

If you are claiming the repair cost from an insurance company, upon completion we will require you to sign a collection note. This is to prove to the insurance company that the repairs have been carried out and that the completed vehicle has been collected by you.

What precautions and safety measures are in place in response to COVID-19?

When you choose Castle, we want you to rest assured that your safety is a top priority. Following the most up to date government guidelines on social distancing and best practice for working during the pandemic, we have invested in the latest sanitisation technology and have implemented new procedures for drop off and collection.

Find out more about how Castle are here to stay and keeping you safe.

Have you got another question that we have not answered here? A member of our team would be only too happy to help.
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