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As one of our customers, you will unfortunately already know that accidents can happen. So we hope you will understand why we say "we don't repair cars, we prepare them for their next accident".


That sounds chilling but safe repair is critical to ensure the safety of the occupants of a repaired vehicle if it was unfortunate to be involved in another accident.


Vehicle manufacturers invest millions and millions of pounds researching safety so that they can manufacture cars that will perform properly in an accident. And "properly" means protecting the occupants of the vehicle. This is achieved by using reinforced ultra-high-strength steels and aluminium's and using the most up to date welding, riveting and bonding techniques.


So you will understand that after a vehicle has been damaged, putting it back together in the same way as the manufacturer built it is not done by luck!

Preparing your car for the next accident
Training investment

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And if you would like to understand a little more about how important we believe the integrity of your vehicle is, here are some videos available on the internet that demonstrate our commitment to quality: automotive/crash-repairs.php sicherheitsforschung_en/

The person repairing it needs to be able to understand what has happened in the accident, what has been damaged, where the structure of the vehicle has been affected and what parts are going to be required.


Our estimators are VDA qualified and we have invested in their skills and ability to ensure they accurately assess the level of damage and correctly ascertain the repair method for your vehicle.


And not any old equipment will do. Castle Coachworks have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds over the years to enable us to be approved by their vehicle manufacturer partners. Using the correct pulling systems, welding systems, diagnostics systems and all of the other safety-related equipment ensures that the vehicle manufacturers standards of vehicle repair are always met.


As you can imagine, repairing a modern vehicle requires a certain type of person. Our paint and panel technicians are required to attend hundreds of hours of training courses to ensure they understand how to repair a vehicle correctly and in line with the vehicle manufacturers standards. They understand the importance of quality of repair and the impact it has on the lives of future occupants of that vehicle.


So when Castle Coachworks repair your vehicle, you can be assured that it has been done to the highest possible standards, with the correct equipment and techniques and by the most professional technicians available.


After your house, your vehicle is usually your most expensive purchase. To maintain its warranty you are obliged to have all repairs carried out as the manufacturer requires.


Not all repairers can do this, the most common mistake people make is not having crash repairs carried out by an approved repairer, remember being insurer approved does not necessarily mean Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Skoda, Seat, Mazda or Volkswagen Audi Group approved!

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