Your right to choose

Manufacturer Approved Solution

We have the manufacturers approval. By law, you have the right to choose who repairs your vehicle and this will not compromise your insurance contract. 

An insurance company will usually direct a policyholder their ‘approved’ repairers, though you may not consider this to be the best solution for your own car’s repair and the on-going safety for you and your passengers. As well as keeping costs down, insurers also dictate the level of service and repair quality you receive. This can result in non-genuine parts being used without the repairer informing you.

1 of 4 in the UK

Approved Mercedes Benz Aluminium Structural Repairs

We are one of 4 approved repairers in the country for Mercedes-Benz Aluminium Structural repairs. Not all repairers can repair a damaged Mercedes, this takes dedication, passion & huge investment in training / equipment. We recertify every six months to stay up to date with the techniques required to repair these prestige vehicles.